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- Free Download 10 unique PsyTrance presets for Albino3 done by PsyShark.

- If you like those 10 presets then you can get another more than 200 unique PsyTrance presets for Albino3 done by PsyShark -> click here.

- You can use those presets freely in your productions/tracks then release/sell the final tracks while keepinng 100% royalty for yourself. 

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Copyrights Note:
- All the rights of those presets belong to Valentino Jorno.
- While you are allowed to use the presets in your projects as mentioned above, but that doesn't give you the right to sell them, therefore you aren't allowed for re-selling or distributing the presets files neither sharing them for free by any method.
- For obtaining a license for your shops to sell those presets, you must contact  Valentino Jorno first via the email or form provided by his website , then your request will be reviewed but no guarantee to approve it.
- For full copyrights notes list click at: Terms and Conditions.

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